Stop Motion with an iPhone

In this video I conduct an experiment to see whether the iPhone is catching up with the DSLR video camera. I use the iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and the new iPhone XS along side the Canon 600D SLR.

Well the video results speak for themselves. It became a hot topic on facebook and on the channel. I'd love to know what you guys all think of it?

Have you ever made a Stop Motion film using an iPhone or smartphone? What were your results? Did they look good enough to show to people or was it a waste of time?

It's an interesting debate. For me the DSLR will never be replaced, but the new iPhones are making it easier to do off the cuff animations as and when you see fit. Maybe you're in a coffee shop killing time and you see a spark of inspiration with the coffee mug and the suger bowl. You can whip out that iPhone and snap away.

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