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In today's video I try something different. A new platform where I discuss Stop Motion news. If it is something that you all like then I'll consider doing it as a weekly or monthly installment to My Animated Life Series on YouTube.

Today I discuss Stop Motion/CGI technology that is being combined together. Its a software called SMODO.

SMODO is a stop motion techonology that joins the classic puppet animation with the innovative technique of capturing motion through obtaining 3D coordinates. SMODO exploits possibilities of 3D and stop motion.

Where this all sounds fantastic, let's put it into perspective... I am a Stop Motion Animator, the reason I do it is because of the tangible aspect of it. The puppet is physically there for you to manipulate. You can see through the work itself the amount of hours that have been put into it to make it come alive.

Why would you want all of that hard work to not be visible in your work? This is essentially what SMODO does. It takes the coloured ball coordinates from fancy cameras and turns them into CGI through a plugin for Cinema 4D.

So to use this technology/software. You firstly have to buy the armature and 4 (Yes 4) cameras. Buy Cinema 4D if you're not lucky enough to already have it. Quite possibly buy a new computer that can cope with the graphics needed to run CGI. Then the painstaking process of learning to use the software to make a character that can be used for the coordinates you've animated on the coloured armature.

I have dabbled into CGI with the free software Blender and let me tell you. I learnt a lot in a year but it would take me another year to be magnificent at it. If I was going that far to learn to make the model in CG, create the armature and weight paint which is an art in itself. Why wouldn't I go one step further and animate it in CGI on the computer too? If I was to use this technique, i'd need to have space to animate the armature. One of the benefits of using CGI is it's a computer on it's own. No extra tables for sets etc.

Basically I don't understand where this technology fits within the Stop Motion or CGI community? I'd love to know your thoughts on what you all think?

I also talk about a brand new Stop Motion film doing the festival circuits. Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires. It looks amazing. Mike Mort from Animortal Studios has been working on this for a few years now and I've been keeping an eye on it's progress. Check out the trailer here:

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