Guillermo Del Toro to direct Pinnochio for Netflix

It's been announced that Guillermo Del Toro, the famous Mexican director behind classics such as Pans Labyrinth, Cronos and The Shape of Water has been granted his wish to write, direct and produce Pinnochio in a Stop Motion Musical adaptation of Carlo Collidi's novel.

This is amazing news as I can imagine it being completely different to the soft buttery version of Disney's Pinnochio. Del Toro is famous for his amazing creatures and I wouldn't expect anything less from this venture. I can see it going back to the roots of Collidi's vision.

I am very excited that Del Toro has finally made the move over to Stop Motion, something he has wanted to do for such a long time. We'd heard rumblings of this happening a few years back but Amazon pulled the plug before it took off.

I'm also hearing that McKinnon and Saunders, the guys behind the puppets for Fantastic Mr Fox, Corpse Bride and Bob the Builder will be fabricating the puppets.

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