Dan of the Dead has gone viral

I am absolutely blown away by what has happened over the past week. My YouTube channel has grown from 2500 subscribers to nearly 7500!!! It's been absolutely insane!

As you're all aware I have had the original Dan of the Dead on the channel for 5 years. Then last year I added a directors cut of the film. This was without the Simon Zanzibar news reader clip. purely because I thought people were turning off before they even saw the zombie.

It seems that video which last week had a measly 1500 views has been recommended to people by YouTube and risen to 750k views in 6 days!!! Which is INSANE!!!

If you haven't seen the video, please check it out below

So what now??? Well it's started to slow down a bit as I type this blog. We're still getting views and subs but not to the extent we were. At one point we were getting 10k views an hour!

We have decided we need to bring Dan back to the screen very soon. We are working on a mini series that will run on YouTube. It will answer some of the questions you've been asking me. why he has a dildo in his bag? Why he's drunk? etc. We're so excited to bring him back and you'll be able to document it on this site on over on YouTube.

We're also doing some mini skits with Dan. Called Dan's Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide. Please keep viewing and sharing the film. If it reaches 1 million views we're giving away a Dan of the Dead T-Shirt. You need to be subscribed to this website to win

Thank you again for all your support.

Many thanks


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