My Animated Life


On January 26th 2018. Pete decided to upload video's onto YouTube. It was after seeing the rise to fame of Peter McKinnon. He saw how quickly over a year he had built his brand and engaged with his audience. Now obviously Pete hasn't reached the heights of Peter McKinnon yet. But he did say that he'd try it out as an experiment. Seeing how far he'd get in 3 months. Starting with around 600 subscribers he soon reached the 1000 Subscribers needed to apply for Monitization. All before 3 months. This pushed him to try harder. The more videos he uploaded the more subscribers and views he started to get. Then he homed in on his niche which isn't quite as popular as say the Peter McKinnon's and your Casey Neistat's. But he is starting to get a foothold in the Stop Motion community. Due to all this hard work his videos started to gain traction, a directors cut of Dan of the Dead blew up and started to go viral! With now over 2 million views his channel is really starting to grow and he hopes to add more Dan of the Dead films to his repotoire. Please check out his channel and subscribe so you can keep up to date with all his tip, tricks and tutorials. YouTube Channel

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