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Pete Ellis Animation Studios love to work with companies and help develop their brands. We have made some long lasting friendships with many of our clients. Here are a few case studies of our favourites.

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We were lucky enough to be contacted by a bakery company to produce some videos for their Social Media Platforms. They wanted the hand made look to them, so we thought it would be best to use our hands in the Stop Motion Animations. Looks great but not easy to animate real life hands. But we love a challenge here at Pete Ellis Animation Studios!!!


Wes at Animation Toolkit wanted to promote his latest Stop Motion Armature Kit. He gave me the Armature and I was given full freedom to create a Stop Motion Animation of his kit in the best way possible. I decided the best way to show of the articulation in the Armature was to animate a dance sequence. I had such an amazing 3 days animating this sequence and it went down really well on Animation Toolkits social media platforms.


Dominick reached out to us for some help in branding their play dough. They had a clear idea of using a wizard to stir the murky looking substance in their pot. Then the wizard would add a little magic dust and "poof" the pot changes to a lovely coloured and glittery blue play dough. We had full ownership on how the wizard should look. With it being for children we thought we'd keep him simple and recognisable. What we delivered is exactly what they wanted and we've been tracking the progress of their company over on instagram. 

"Awesome work! Very flexible, creative and affordable! Give it a shot, you'll be surprised." - Dominick Wimmer